I enjoying teaching the harp and hammered dulcimer!
Harp Lessons
For adults, I feel playing music on any level can be  therapy to the individual so I teach beginners with little or no music background through intermediate level students.  I helps if you can read music, but I don’t mind starting from scratch.  I do spend time working on technique to be sure students don’t run into muscle and joint problems but you don’t have to play in a recital or meet anyone else’s goals!  As a part of my previous work as a speech language pathologist, I also taught harp to autistic and hearing impaired individuals.Children or adults can start on lap harps or floor sized models.  I often suggest students come for a lesson before they buy or rent an instrument.  I can also help you search for an instrument to buy or rent.
Hammered Dulcimer Lessons
I usually only teach dulcimer to adults and teenagers.  While it is technically not as difficult as the harp, tuning it more difficult and most children will find it hard to do.  That leaves the parents with the job and it is hard for them as well!  The dulcimer is not as easy to understand as the piano, guitar or even harp so I usually prefer
students have time learning another instrument first.For adults wanting to play the dulcimer, we can work on reading music or playing by ear.  I like to do both.  My goals for my students are that they can find a melody on the instrument and then learn ways to fill it out, create variations and become independent in developing their own arrangements.
For lessons call:  828-658-2103